What Degrees are Hot and Which are Not?

What Degrees are Hot and Which are Not?
Degrees With High Unemployment
Degree #1 – Fine Arts
According to the Georgetown study, employment rates for recent fine arts graduates are at a staggering 12.6 percent.
When times are tough economically, people don’t spend a lot of money or time on fine arts. Also, government funding has tanked in recent years, so fine arts are becoming more and more dependent on individual donations.
Degree #2 – Philosophy and Religious Studies
According to the Georgetown report, 10.8 percent of recent philosophy and religious studies graduates are unemployed. They’re very nice degrees, and people learn a lot in subjects they love – but they don’t necessarily lead to jobs.
Degree #3 – Film, Video, and Photographic Arts
The Georgetown report notes that 12.9 percent of recent film, video, and photographic arts majors are unemployed. And the numbers are even worse for graduate degree holders – 13 percent face unemployment.
Degree #4 – Information Systems
You might be surprised to see this particular degree on the list of the most unemployable degrees. But according to the Georgetown study, 11.7 percent of information systems graduates are unemployed.
Degrees with Low Unemployment:
Degree #1 – Nursing
According to the Georgetown report, the unemployment rate among recent nursing grads is only 4 percent. This won’t change for a while as the healthcare industry continues to expand.”
Potential Career Path: Registered Nurse (RN)**
Median annual salary for RNs: $65,470
Projected job growth from 2010-2020: 26 percent, or 711,900 new jobs
Degree #2 – Elementary Education
Teaching is one field with a promising future, according to the Georgetown report, with an unemployment rate of only 4.8 percent for recent elementary education grads. If you’re willing to go where the jobs are – there are jobs.
Potential Career Path: Elementary School Teacher**
Median annual salary for elementary school teachers: $53,400
Projected job growth from 2010-2020: 17 percent, or 248,800 new jobs
Degree #3 – Finance
According to the Georgetown report, only 6.6 percent of recent finance grads face unemployment.
Potential Career Path: Personal Financial Advisor**
Median annual salary for personal financial advisors: $67,520
Projected job growth from 2010-2020: 32 percent, or 66,400 new jobs
Degree #4 – Communications
According to the Georgetown report, the unemployment rate for recent communications grads is only 7.4 percent, lower than the average for all recent grads.
There are certain branches of communications that are really positive right now, like helping companies establish a social media presence. Also technical writing and technical communication will continue to be a good area, especially if you combine it with video skills.”
Potential Career Path: Technical Writer**
Median annual salary for technical writers: $65,500
Projected job growth from 2010-2020: 17 percent, or 8,500 new jobs
* The Georgetown study defines “recent college graduates” as bachelor’s degree holder between the ages of 22 and 26.
** All potential careers listed from the 2012-2013 U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook. The Department of Labor cites the associated degrees as common, required, preferred, or one of a number of degrees acceptable as preparation for the potential career