Because College is Expensive Scholarship

About this scholarship

It's no secret that college is expensive. It's also no secret that applying to scholarships is often a time-consuming and stressful process. For these reasons, we created the "Because College Is Expensive" $500 scholarship. Keep reading for the details!

Who can apply?

The $500 “Because College is Expensive” Scholarship is open to high school sophomores and above, college students, and graduate school students.

How to apply

Simply apply using the form to the right and you could be the next winner of the "Because College is Expensive" Scholarship!

Other details

There are four deadlines each year: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

One winner will be chosen by the 15th of the month following each deadline date.

Recent winners of the "Because College is Expensive" $500 Scholarship

scholarship winner Dec '22

December '22 - Jennifer F.

"This scholarship will help me get started on saving up for college tuition and help me pay for college books. Thank you to Cedar Education for providing me the opportunity to begin preparing for college!"

Sadeyah Ball scholarship winner

June '22 - Sadeyah B.

"First I would like to say thank you for choosing me as a winner and I appreciate this offering very much as I am entering school for the Fall semester. Once again thank you and I very much appreciate the help!"

Brenlyn- Scholarship winner

March '22 - Brenlyn A.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity Cedar Education, the scholarship “because college is expensive” will help me greatly. This money will help me financially through college and help me achieve a career field in the medical field I can not express how grateful I am. Thank you."

Emma Reis

Dec '21 - Emma R.

"This scholarship means that it will bring me one step closer to my life’s dream to become a social worker. One step closer to helping people and my community in an important way."

Christian Rios, September Scholarship winner

Sept '21 - Christian R.

"Many thanks toward the Cedar Ed “Because College is Expensive Scholarship” group for what they have done. As someone that doesn’t come from much, school is not only a challenge through academics, but also through finances. I am now able to focus more time and effort towards my studies, and it is all thanks to Cedar Education."

Shelby Dalton

June '21 - Shelby A.

"I am very grateful for this opportunity to receive this scholarship. This will be a weight lifted off my shoulders this semester and will help my family so much. I am currently in my last semester of my associates in psychology! I am beyond excited for the scholarship opportunity from Cedar Ed Lending! Thank you!"

Roxana Escalante

March '21 - Roxana E.

"I am very thankful for this scholarship from the help of Cedar Education Learning. This scholarship allows me the opportunity to help cover the costs of MCAT prep classes. This is a big opportunity that has only been made possible because of this scholarship." Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity!"