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5 College items you probably did not think of bringing to school

In no particular order….

Humidifier and air purifier: I know I just told you to minimize your belongings and these two items may seem unnecessary, but they’re not. Dorm room air can be very drying, especially during the cooler months when hot, dry air is pumped into your closet-sized abode. And considering you’re left to do your own cleaning, dorm rooms can get very dusty and wreak havoc on allergy sufferers. In addition to providing clean, refreshing air, a humidifier and air purifier will offer a bit of white noise to combat the noisy halls.
Noise-canceling headphones: I am sure you’ve already packed at least one pair of headphones, but are they noise-canceling? Yes, these can be rather pricey but you’ll soon realize they are worth it when you’re trying to study and your roommate decides it’s time to have a Skype session.
Wardrobe: Every list tells you to bring clothing, but you need to bring a sampling of your wardrobe. You never know when you may need a dress for a formal, a costume for a party or a suit for an internship, so it’s best to keep a few of these items on hand. Also keep a few off-season pieces in your closet so you’ll be prepared even when the weather is unpredictable.
Sleeping bag: This is something that doesn’t typically come to mind. From high school friend visits, to camping out on the quad, a sleeping bag is nice to have around. You may even join a campus organization that goes on retreats and a sleeping bag will be a must-have.
Bed rail: I thought I passed the bed-rail stage when I was three, but I found out differently my freshman year. Considering a few bunk-related incidents happen yearly and the severity of head and spinal injuries, a bed rail really isn’t a bad idea for anyone sleeping on a top bunk. If you do decide you want a bed rail, ask your school if they will provide one and if not, be sure to look for a bed rail that supports your weight requirement.