Law School Rankings

Here’s a fresh way to look at Law School Rankings. just announced the top law school rankings:

The Top 25 law schools in the United States, according to ratings and reviews are:
1.) Stanford University (Stanford Law School) (8.8 stars)
2.) Northwestern University (Northwestern University School of Law) (8.7 stars)
3.) University of California, Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley, School of Law) (8.417 stars)
4.) Arizona State University (Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law) (8.415 stars)
5.) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill School of Law) (8.29 stars)
6.) University of Colorado at Boulder (University of Colorado School of Law) (8.26 stars)
7.) University of Virginia (University of Virginia School of Law) (8.2 stars)
8.) Georgetown University (Georgetown University Law Center) (8.17 stars)
9.) Harvard University (Harvard Law School) (8.12 stars)
10.) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (University of Michigan Law School) (8.07 stars)
11.) Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University Law School) (8.067 stars)
12.) Brigham Young University (Ruben J. Clark Law School) (8.037 stars)
13.) New York University (New York University School of Law) (7.99 stars)
14.) University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania Law School) (7.97 stars)
15.) Yale University (Yale Law School) (7.96 stars)
16.) University of Texas at Austin (University of Texas Law School) (7.88 stars)
17.) Indiana University, Bloomington (Maurer School of Law) (7.87 stars)
18.) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (University of Minnesota Law School) (7.868 stars)
19.) Washington and Lee University (Washington and Lee University School of Law) (7.867 stars)
20.) Washington University, St. Louis (Washington University School of Law) (7.81 stars)
21.) Duke University (Duke University School of Law) (7.72 stars)
22.) Cornell University (Cornell Law School) (7.7 stars)
23.) Boston University (Boston University School of Law) (7.68 stars)
24.) Baylor University (Baylor University) (7.62 stars)
25.) University of California, Davis (University of California, Davis, School of Law (7.61 stars)
While law school is undeniably a significant investment, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. To that end, next week will release the Top Law Schools for best overall value, financial aid and affordability of living.