How to chip away at your Student Loan Debt without making additional payments

Below is a list of states, companies and services that will make your loan payments or forgive your Student Loan Debt
1)Kansas offers as much as $15,000 toward student-loan repayment for people who relocate to areas beset by population declines. In Kansas, the perk has attracted 411 applicants representing 33 states.
2)The city of Niagara Falls, New York, offers a loan repayment plan to attract young people, and Nebraska is looking into creating one, partly out of concern that the Kansas program would lure college graduates across their shared border.
3)The broadest, most comprehensive path to loan forgiveness may also be one of the nation’s newest: the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Passed by Congress in 2007, the program promises to absolve remaining balances on the federal student loans of qualifying borrowers who make 120 monthly loan payments under eligible plans. To meet the program requirements, you must be working full-time for a public service employer at an organization in the public sector, 501(c)(3) or other nonprofits while you make each of the 120 payments.
4)Since 2006, Boston-based American Student Assistance has offered full-time employees as much as $2,400 a year for loan repayment, while part-timers can get a smaller benefit.
5)Student-loan assistance is more common in health care than in other professions. Thirty states and Washington, D.C. have repayment or consolidation plans for dental or medical workers, according to a 2011 American Dental Association report. Several private health-related companies also offer the incentive.
6)Health-care providers, including St. Louis- based BJC Medical Group, has begun to offer repayment plans in compensation packages for physicians over the past few years.
7)Tenet Healthcare Corp., which owns or operates hospitals and health-care facilities across the U.S., promotes loan-repayment incentives in its job ads.