What are the benefits of attending a community college before a four-year school?

Benefits of Attending a Community College

There are many students who jump directly into a four-year college or university upon completing their high school years. Yet for some, due to either financial or scholastic reasons, it may make more sense to attend a community college first. Just some of these reasons may include:


Today, the cost of a college education can be astronomical. In some cases, the expense can even deter one from furthering their education at all. However, for those who are short on money but determined to obtain their degree, attending community college can be a great solution. In doing so, a student may be able to complete many of their general education courses at a fraction of what it would cost at a four-year institution.


Sometimes, even those with good study habits, just don’t test well or obtain good grades in school. For those who do not have the GPA or test scores to enter into the four-year college or university of their choice, going to a community college can make for a perfect transition.

By attending community college, a student may be able to build up their academic skills so that they will be better prepared for what lies ahead. In addition, when the time comes to transfer to a four-year institution, the admissions office at the new school will likely consider the grades that were attained at the community college as much more weighted than those grades that were obtained in high school.

Family / Other Commitments

While it would be ideal to attend college without financial worry or other obligations, the truth is that many young people today are juggling school, work, and/or family commitments all at one time!

Because many community colleges offer convenient evening and weekend class times, it is much easier to obtain the credits that one needs and at a fraction of the cost. Should an individual decide to pursue a four-year college or university at a later time, it is possible that many of the credits obtained at a community will transfer over.


Years ago it used to be a “given” that those with a college degree would obtain better, higher paying jobs. Today, however, there are numerous career choices that do not require a four-year college degree. Some of these include careers in service and technology, where the specialized training that one needs can be easily obtained by attending a community college. In addition, this shorter training period can allow the student to get into their paying career much more quickly.

Other Factors

In some cases, a student may simply just be unsure that he or she wants to further their education. Today, there are many reasons why it may make sense to wait to attend or forgo attending a four-year college at all.

Those who are truly unsure will likely save thousands of dollars and several years of their lives studying when college will really not benefit them. If this is the case, then attending community college is definitely the right way to go.

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