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Private Student Loans

Private Student Loan Consolidation

We help students and their families with costs associated with postsecondary education!

Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to Cost of Attendance per year. $120,000 lifetime maximum for undergraduate students and $160,000 for graduate students. Use the funds for any qualified educational expense, including past due tuition bills.

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Private Student Loan Consolidation

Private Student Loan Consolidation

Simplify your finances with one easy monthly payment!

Consolidate $7,500 - $125,000 in undergraduate student loan debt ($7,500 - $175,000 for graduate). Choose how long you have to repay your loan (5, 10, 15 and 20 year options) with no pre-payment penalties.

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Private Student Loan Consolidation Calculator

Private Student Loan Consolidation Consolidation

Calculate Your Savings by using our simple calculator!

You can better understand your potential savings and whether or not consolidation is right for you by using our loan consolidation calculator. The calculator uses your remaining loan balance and existing monthly payments to estimate how a private consolidation loan may impact your monthly finances.

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It is estimated that over half of all college students will graduate with at least some amount of debt, including a large amount of student loan obligations. In today’s tough economy, it may be difficult to make payments on those borrowed student loan funds. This can especially be the case if you have borrowed from more than one source and have numerous payments due throughout the month.

Those who have borrowed from private sources may have an especially hard time paying down their current student loan obligations, as interest rates may be higher than those on government loans. While Federal Student Loan programs can offer many benefits, they may not be able to solve all of your needs when it comes to paying down your student debt obligations.

By consolidating all of your private student loans under one umbrella, though, your debt can be more manageable, making it much less daunting and a great deal more convenient for paying down your balance.

The Benefits of Private Student Loan Consolidation

Graduates who consolidate their private student loans can obtain a number of advantages. By replacing multiple student loans with one single loan, you will oftentimes have lower monthly payments, as well as a longer repayment period.

This can help a great deal in minimizing monthly debt obligations especially at a time when many are taking on other new debt such as a mortgage or rent, new auto loan payments, and / or other household expenses.

How Private Student Loan Consolidation Works

When consolidating your private student loans, you will typically be required to undergo entrance and exit loan counseling. This will help the lender in better understanding how to structure the consolidation loan that will work best for you.

With Cedar Education Private Student Loan Consolidation, you may be able to consolidate between $10,000 and $90,000 in undergraduate private student loan debt. Graduate student loan debt of up to $170,000 may be consolidated. The interest rate on your loan may vary, depending on your credit and other pertinent factors.

You may also be eligible for additional benefits such as a 5, 10, 15 or 20-year repayment term with no prepayment penalties. This can allow you to pay off your loan faster without the worry of paying extra if you end up eliminating your debt early.

When consolidating your student loans through Cedar Education Lending, it is easy to see how much you will pay each month based on the amount you need to borrow by using our student loan consolidation calculator. You can also have all of your questions answered with regard to better understanding how the student loan consolidation process works and how doing so can help you in your specific situation.

How to Apply

To qualify for a Private Student Loan Consolidation through Cedar Education Lending, you or your cosigner must demonstrate 12 consecutive months of recent earnings history.

In addition to your name and contact information, you will need to provide specific information in order to apply for a consolidated student loan, including the name of your previous educational institution, the current amount of your private student loan balances, and your social security and drivers license numbers.

You may also require a cosigner for your consolidation loan if you do not have a steady reliable income, or if your annual income is less than the total amount of new loan funds that you will be borrowing. Should this be the case, it is likely that by using a cosigner who has good credit, your chances of being approved for the new loan will increase. This may also improve the likelihood of obtaining a lower interest rate on the consolidation loan.

Should you require a cosigner, Cedar Education Private Student Loan Consolidation may allow a cosigner release on your consolidation loan if you have made 36 consecutive payments of principal and interest.